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Mail Art ??

May 2, 2015

MA 359

I trudged through the snow to the Post Office, to send some mail art, and took this photo, which is, in so many ways, MailArt.

Going to India, via Touchnote. Sent on 2/2/15. When will it arrive?


Mail going out…

April 2, 2015

A mix of this and that. Going here and there.

Fun! in an envelope.

MH 13 back    MH 13 froont

Amigurumi zombie. And a cupcake.

MH  12 zombie     MH 15 cupcake

My first pocket letter. These are fun.

MH 14 pocket letter to mvv

Beautiful China

April 1, 2015

I am in love with these beautiful stamps!

cn 1560168 stamp a     cn 1560168 stamp c     cn 1531078stamp b     cn 1560168 stamp bcn 1560168 stamp e 

    cn 1531078 stamp c       cn 1531078 stamp

cn 1560168 stamp d

And great cards

cn 1531078 cn 1560168  cn 1531078 image     (This is an image from the back of the card. I love it.)

Last sighting of the gecko

March 31, 2015

MH 21

Russia and Belarus

March 30, 2015

Well. It is Pancake Week. The week they eat pancakes to say Goodbye to Winter!

Here are some cards and stamps from Russia and Belarus.

ru 3466655      ru 3466752    by 1543049    ru 3274374    ru 3448433

ru 3448433 stamp a      ru 3448433 stamp b     by 1543049 stamp      ru 3274374 stamp


March 29, 2015

MH 22

Gecko visits the Little Apple

March 28, 2015

MH 21

Part of my series LittleApple, inspired by Mim’s Tiny Town.


March 27, 2015


us 3304557 us 3304562 us 3304558 us 3304559 us 3304561 us 3304560

Birthday Bottle!

March 26, 2015

MH 16

Fun in a bottle:  crochet heart, lobster shaped stress ball (?), some tea, and mysterious miscellaneous.

More incoming

March 25, 2015

A handmade postcard, with a map theme:



gb 628301

gb 632504

ru 3382830

pl 1023579

And a cool stamp.

pl 1023579 stamp