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World’s Only Corn Palace

June 2, 2010

World's Only Corn Palace

Today brought a wonderful delight! A postcard of the World’s Only Corn Palace!! Located in Mitchell, South Dakota, this is an amazing building decorated entirely in corn. Michael Pollan has said that everything is made of corn, and the Corn Palace is proof!

Way, way back in about 1976, I was driving across the USA, and there were giant billboards along the highway:  “See the World’s Only Corn Palace”… I forced my travelling companion to detour to Mitchell to see it, and well, it is a sight I will never forget. This is a huge arena, with an exterior made entirely of corn:  corn cobs, corn stalks, corn kernels, different colors of corn… Who knew that corn parts could have so much variety of color, shape, and texture? Every year features new mosaics of different images:  space, history, corn, and more!

Well, the Corn Palace is a must-see sight on a cross country trip. This is one of America’s unsung treasures, and I am so lucky that this postcard came to remind me of that wonderful trip and the amazing artistic possibilities of corn.

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