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June 17, 2010

WOW! I joined sendsomething and I didn’t expect to receive such a healthy batch of happy mail! It’s a site that gives you an address to send something to another member. Well, I just got seven postcards.

I think this one is remarkable. It is a 37 year old postcard. The caption reads

Spotted Eagle’s Sioux Village 1879

This village was near Ft. Keogh at the mouth of the Tongue River. General Miles, to whom Spotted Eagle surrendered, said of these pictures, “The last place in America so far as I know where the Indian subsisted on buffalo meat, tanned skins for his lodge, and used the robe for his blanket.” The hand colored photograph made from the original old glass plate negative is on display in Miles City, Montana.

At least it was on display 37 years ago! Thank you Christine for this beautiful card, picture of a way of life now lost.

Recognizing another population, I like this card called Las Gorras Blancas.

This was sent to me by Post Muse. On the back

Las Gorras Blancas, or The White Caps, were a close-knit secretive group that rose in collective struggle against powerful cattle ranchers, land owners, and railroad expansion. The encroaching settlers began fencing the best pasturing and watering lands that had previously been held in common. In 1889, the White Caps began cutting barbed wire, burning fences and railroad track, and destroying bridges. They quickly gained popular support among the Las Vegas, New Mexico community.

In a surprising coincidence, PostMuse writes that she recalls Ken Burns mentioning the White Caps in the documentary series National Parks. I just heard Ken Burns speak eloquently last night about our national parks, and his work in documentaries. I can’t wait to watch the series.

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