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YOU are here!

June 30, 2010

YOU are here. Or are you? This has been rattling around in my brain ever since it rattled out of box 652. Thank you to my children, who sent this Zen Koan from their recent road trip to DC. Apparently, at some point, THEY were THERE. But YOU are here? Are YOU HERE? No, you are not here. You are not THERE either. You are where you are. And that is not here (where I am), nor is it HERE (where this painting is), or am I HERE, and the painting is THERE.

Probably not.

So HERE and THERE are relative, changeable, very Buddhist in their constant flux. One can’t get attached to being HERE, because in just a blink, you’ll be THERE!

So, thank you for ‘YOU are here’, even though I wasn’t, and you aren’t.

And wherever you are, look around, it’s beautiful, and YOU are HERE for just a blink.

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