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Be the change…

July 20, 2010

I often think of the Gandhi quote that Post Muse used on this card. She ponders  whether perhaps we should be our own change, instead of wanting to change other people…

Yes, it’s easier to want other people to change. No work involved for me on that plan. I can just give assignments. YOU – Lose 10 pounds. You – Stop smokinig. You over there – Speak nicely to your child. ME? Oh, thank you, I’m fine…..

I appreciate the handmade card, and the delightful carousel stamp.

Funny, but once I start to scan a card (and its postage), and write a bit about it… I find that I give it more attention and thought, learn a little about the image, quote, and/or the sender; and just get much more pleasure from the whole experience.

Could life be like that? If we looked closely, paid attention, would we find it richer than we ever imagined?

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