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Lost in Space

October 27, 2010

No, it’s not the TV Show I grew up with. It’s postcards from outer space.

No, I haven’t been to Saturn, but the Hubble telescope took this picture of Sunset on Saturn Ring-Plane Crossing. “It’s a rare view of Saturn’s rings, seen just after the sun set below the ring plane. The perspective is unusual because Earth is slightly above Saturn’s rings, and the sun is below them. Normally, we see the rings fully illuminated by the sun.” Well, normally, I don’t see the rings at all, but they are beautiful.

Here is the Orion Nebula Mosaic — “A mosaic of fifteen separate fields covering an area of sky about 5 percent of the area covered by the full moon. this picture is one of the largest ever assembled from individeual images taken by the Hubble Space Telecscope. it reveals a churning star factory set within a maelstrom of flowing, luminescent gas.”

Beautiful. And I didn’t even know that stars were made in factories. Wait till Science Channel hears about this!

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