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Lots of MailArt — in and out!

December 28, 2010

I have been away from my PO Box for a while, and while I was out…. it was getting packed full of excitement!

Mostly, the WWF, Sierra Club, AAA, AARP, and everyone else have given up on asking me for money. Good decision on their part. (Though I do save the business reply envelopes for a future envaccordion-a-thon, thank you very much.)

Here are some highlights:

Stripes and Dots arrived from Mim. What fun! Her site leads us to Make Something Every Day and Change Your Life, which is FULL of fun and creative adventures. Thank you, Mim!

Also incoming, a holiday card from Russia, via postcrossing. I love the imagery here.

The outgoing included MailArt. I am attempting to do MailArt daily as part of MailArt365, which is tons of fun! You can see the gallery of things I have made as part of this project on my MailArt365 page. If you’ve ever wanted to play with your mail, this is the perfect project. And, of course, you can still join in!

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