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March 9, 2011

This came recently to Box 652, from my wonderful  daughter. She recently enjoyed an international quidditch match with the team from Finland. Yes, apparently they do play quidditch in Finland.

She sent me this Moomin lollipop. The sugar candy crumbled a bit in transit, but the Moomin beauty shone through. I love Moomins. I believe that, in Finland, Moomins are everywhere!

Who knew that Moomins could ski?

Don’t worry. The cow on the envelope is not mad. I think he knows that he’s carrying a Moomin inside.

To all my friends on the Finnish International Quidditch Team:  Thank you for the moomin treats! Moomins are wonderful, and it is a BIG job to introduce them to the children of America. I am doing my best! Love, McFloozy.

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  1. Mandy Fariello (FarStarr) permalink
    June 10, 2011 8:50 PM

    Momzilla Von DoodleSmith???? Love it! My mother is Mambo Dogface…..We usually just call her Mambo (unless she’s in trouble!) 🙂

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