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The Little Engine That Could

July 7, 2011

I’ve been feeling like The Little Engine That Could — But Didn’t Really Want To Bother. Kind of drab, blah, with a touch of gloom, and blrmch.

Yeah. Like that.

So, here’s what the world has brought me to help me refocus.

A postcrosser in Lithuania sends this “Do not be afraid”. Well put. Just what I needed. Yes, maybe I CAN just do this.

PLUS, from Germany, a Shiva! How beautiful, and powerful, and just the oversight I am needing today.






With the Shiva, I get a bit of nature study from Germany on the stamp assortment.




A swapper in Ireland sends a list of things that make her happy, including

When I see flowers growing in places I don’t expect, for example in overgrown houses or on railway lines. It makes me happy to see a bright flower in a place like that.

 A glorious stamp from Poland.

Some mailart from FarStarr:


 Exuberant, happy, joyousness in the visual from China:

Thank you world! You made my day, and brightened my spirits a LOT!

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  1. August 4, 2011 1:49 AM

    i like the experience of receiving postcards too~
    i super like the way you share your refelction on your blog,
    because it’s very meaningful~~

    happy postcrossing!

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