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Where am I? What happened?

August 10, 2011

Where have I been? Well, after the alien abduction, I conquered the planet A8!zHcq:-), which has always been a very smiley faced planet. Then, I had lost my inter-planetary bus pass, and had to WALK, UPHILL, for 3 light-years to the free public interstellar transit system. THEN, we had to stop at EVERY asteroid, dust particle, and alien satellite, before returning home.

So, now you know why I haven’t posted in a while. Oh yes, and my dog also ate it.

Here is a bit of what has come in without proper media recognition. I have been attentive to registering receipt on Swap-bot, Postcrossing, and wherever else I am swapping, but I’m happy now, to catch up (a bit) on sharing the imagery.

This card comes from Russia, a beautiful cathedral in Omsk (Siberia). It was built in 1898, destroyed in 1935, and rebuilt in 2007. It is beautiful. It arrived in this wonderful envelope.

     I expect the polar bear lives nearby, since it is from Siberia.

Other recent arrivals:

           These two from Poland.

From Latvia

  and from Turkey: 

Want to see some fun stamps? Yes, you sure do. Here they are:


Thank you World! I’m glad to be back!

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