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July 26, 2012

I have been on something of a snail mail sag wagon. Not sending, nor receiving, much. It all started when I lost my job and got into a bit of turbulence. Then, India wouldn’t let us visit (CRUD!), so more turbulence, and now, summer is well underway.

I have made the transition from employeed to UN-. Safely joined the 8% of Americans looking for work. Now, back to business. Getting a card or letter brightens my day. Days on which google reminds me “You have nothing scheduled today.”. Thanks, Google. I knew that.

Here is some of what came in recently. I think I enjoy the stamps as much as the cards sometimes.

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Oh, those grannies by Inge Look! Now, THAT is what I aspire to. Wait a minute! That’s what I’m pretty much doing this summer. Laughing and playing, and jointly writing a blog with my daughter. See, the spring gave us so much crap and disappointment, so many lemons, that we launched Lemonade Summer. I think she and I should have a day of mail-art. Maybe I’ll organize a meetup for that.

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