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March 25, 2013

Back in December of 2010, could it really be over 2 years ago?, I joined Mailart365. I had every intention of doing 365 pieces of mailart in 365 days.


Life was busy with this and that. There was Desperate Housewives, CSI, and now Downton Abbey.

I progressed in bursts and lulls, and am now at #278. Voila!

MA 278One thing I have enjoyed is seeing the VARIETY of things people do under the umbrella of mailart! I have tried quite a few new things:  circles, zentangles, envelopes, collage, ATCs, and amusing naked mail (GI Joe, rubber chicken, soda bottles filled with surprises, an alligator, a pumpkin, and a shark). My offspring, now young adults, have been supportive and amused with the various things they get in their college mailboxes. I think I have brought some chuckles to the collegiate postal clerks.

Anyhoo, now at #278. Fewer than 100 to go! But, this is an art that never ends. Envelopes beg to be doodled. Wrappers beg to be collaged. Enjoy the ride. Here is my history with Mailart365. Thanks for visiting.


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