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U-Turn. YOU! TURN!!

August 8, 2014

Well. Here is a new project. It was supposed to be a new page, but, alas, WordPress and I are not friendly enough to accomplish that. So, it will be a new series within Box 652.  A new world. Within a world.

Turning 60. Really?! And not too happy with my body stats. My BMI is too high, bordering on that red zone, the O word, and I don’t mean Oprah. My weight, too high. (Or, my height, too short.) Anyway, I named this Project U-Turn. YOU! Turn! A moment to turn my life around, switching good eating habits in to replace sloppy and unhealthy habits. Switching activity in to replace some of the wasted life that sits in front of a tv screen or computer screen. I’d love to say that I’ve never done this before. But I have. And, this time, I better stick with it.

Then, I found Project Louise! Hello Louise! You are doing the same thing. Our stats are surprisingly similar. Our environment similar. Louise, you have the gift of a coach, trainer, etc. I am doing it alone, or, with you. So, Louise, don’t fail me now. Keep writing. If you do it, so will I.

Like Louise, I’m going to write about this road trip once a week. I’ll share what I do, what works, what fails (which is probably me, because really, walking doesn’t fail. I may fail to walk.) I like little visuals, chotchkies, gimmicks. So I will make them up, and share them here. Because that’s how I roll.

And, somehow, this will involve postcards, a trip to India, and walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain. More on those later.

lost 2015 08 08

OK. That is a card i picked up at the Apartheid Museum, in South Africa. Mandela is an inspiration to all, and I am going to keep this in mind during my U-Turn, which I may also refer to as Project McFloozy (one of my code names). This is the hard work:  to change yourself.

Wish me luck!

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